In order to simplify matters and clean up the site this is the new Touchwood Information. There is a link to the old site which can still be browsed.

The situation is that all Touchwood companies are in bankruptcy of one form of the other. Most have been allowed to sink without a trace.

The two that have not are Touchwood Investments PLC of Sri Lanka has assets but whether that can be liquidated or not is a moot point. It seems extremely unlikely that any dividend will be paid as there are massive debts and the plantations – the only real assets – were allowed to fall into disrepair and were vandalised and striped of anything worthwhile before the liquidators had ever got seriously involved.

The ray of hope is Touchwood Forestry Company (TFC) of Thailand which still has 7 large plantations which have been kept in shape. TFC has now enetered management reorganisation (a bit like chapter 11 in the USA). Tthere may be a return for those who have a claim – that means having the right certificate. Basically that is TFC and HK1 certificates and some HK2 – Agarwood not bamboo. Click here to work out which certificate you have.

If you think you have a claim please send a scan of the certificate to us immediately (see form below) – we think claims need to be established by the end of September. If you miss that – you are out of the game. That is because under Thai law once bankruptcy is established, and the company is put under court protection as it is re organised, the creditors (you) have 4 weeks to make a claim. After that it is too late.

On a question of claims TFC and HK1 certificates are good. HK2 with a TFC forestry agreement are also good. Our lawyers will appraise any other certificates for $200 – and then process the claim for $780, for HK2 certs and $625 for HK1 & TFC.

Please fill in this form attach copy of certificate and forestry agreement (HK2 only),

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