In order to simplify matters and clean up the site this is the new Touchwood Information. There is a link to the old site which can still be browsed.

The situation is that all Touchwood companies are in bankruptcy of one form of the other. Most have been allowed to sink without a trace.

The two that have not are Touchwood Investments PLC of Sri Lanka has assets but whether that can be liquidated or not is a moot point. It seems extremely unlikely that any dividend will be paid as there are massive debts and the plantations – the only real assets – were allowed to fall into disrepair and were vandalised and striped of anything worthwhile before the liquidators had ever got seriously involved.

Touchwood Forestry Company is in management reorganization  – kind chapter 11. Regrettable claims had to be submitted by October 8th. and this for practical reason – the time it takes to get the paperwork together – claiming via our lawyers is no longer possible. For those who have claimed we will keep you updated in due course – but this is a slow process so do not expect instant answers.